Attend Virtual SLEEP 2020

Virtual SLEEP 2020 Platform

Although we would have loved to host SLEEP in Philadelphia, for everyone’s health and safety, we have opted to host SLEEP in a virtual setting. After much thoughtful consideration and hard work, we have created a program for Virtual SLEEP 2020 that will allow attendees unprecedented access to the content offered. Explore the highlights below of the new SLEEP 2020 and see how you’ll gain more by attending. 

How Does Virtual SLEEP Stack Up?

Agenda ItemIn-Person SLEEPVirtual SLEEP
General SessionsAttend only those that you can physically get to. No access after meeting is over.Presented both live and on-demand. Watch as many as you like. Access to content through August 1, 2021.
Postgraduate CoursesAttend a maximum of four courses, purchase the postgraduate coursebook (slides only)Opportunity to watch all seven courses. Purchase a bundle at a discounted rate (slides and presentation)
Poster HallAccess only for 4 total hours of SLEEPAccess 24-hours during Virtual SLEEP 2020
Exhibit HallAccess for limited hours during SLEEPAccess 24-hours during Virtual SLEEP 2020, watch presentations at your convenience
Speaker Q&AApproach speakers after presentations or ask questions in large group setting. No group discussions.Send messages to speakers directly and have more opportunities to interact with them directly. Group meetings for deeper discussion.
Product ShowcaseNot at SLEEPIn-depth presentations about products from industry leaders in the sleep field, and accessible for up to a year.
Virtual SLEEP WalkingNot at SLEEPAttendees have an opportunity to earn points to qualify to win prizes by responding to participating exhibitor’s questions through the Virtual SLEEP 2020 mobile app.

Virtual SLEEP offers access to more CME, more sessions, more postgraduate content, more networking, more research, and more SLEEP.

What is a Virtual SLEEP?

Virtual SLEEP 2020 will be hosted online with the support of CadmiumCD. Through this platform, attendees will have access to pre-recorded content and live sessions. Attendee access to content will last until August 1, 2021.

Live General Sessions

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, there will be educational content blocks consisting of 2 hours and 45 minutes of live sessions in both the morning and afternoon. Sessions may be either 45 minutes or 1 hour and 45 minutes in length.

Recorded General Sessions

While live sessions are going, recorded sessions will also be released. These sessions will be released at scheduled times. The difference is only that the presentation was previously recorded. We are still encouraging presenters to be available for questions even if they have previously recorded their presentation.

Postgraduate Sessions

Postgraduate courses are available for purchase. There are seven different courses and can be purchased individually or as a bundle at a discounted rate. Non-attendees can also purchase postgraduate courses by going through the registration process for Virtual SLEEP 2020.

Poster Hall

There will be a Poster Hall that will be accessible 24 hours per day. Presenters have been encouraged to make a short two-minute video for their poster and offer “office hours” for attendees to interact with the presenter and ask questions about the poster.

Exhibit Hall

Don’t miss the latest from industry leaders and partners! At the Virtual SLEEP 2020 exhibit hall, you’ll enjoy meeting with the familiar organizations and new ones to the field of sleep. Accessible 24 hours a day, you can watch presentations, send direct messages to exhibitors, and “visit” booths at your leisure. Each exhibitor will be encouraged to provide “office hours” so that you can virtually interact with a live representative during that specified time.