Key Profit Drivers

Virtual SLEEP 2020 exhibitors will receive double priority points for SLEEP 2021 in Seattle. All sponsorship opportunities are exclusive to exhibitors.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Maximize Impressions from Virtual SLEEP 2020

There are limited sponsorships available for Virtual SLEEP 2020. Please check below to see what sponsorships can help you make the most of your investment into SLEEP 2020.

Pre- and Post-Meeting Emails, Direct Mail, and Advertising
Attendee Meeting Guide – DigitalSent to all APSS contacts (approximately 47,000)

Full page ad

8.75” x 11.25” bleed

7.5” x 10” live matter

Attendee Meeting Guide – DigitalSent to all APSS contacts (approximately 47,000)

Half-page horizontal ad

8.75” x 5.75” bleed

7.5” x 4.5” live matter

Pre-Meeting All Member Email BlastSent to all members and attendees (approximately 12,000)

Leaderboard ad

600 px x 135 px

Includes hyperlink

Pre-Meeting Attendee Mailing ListSent to all registered attendees (approximately 2,000)

Direct Mail

Post-Meeting All Member Email BlastSent to all members and attendees (approximately 12,000)

Leaderboard ad

600px x 135px

Includes hyperlink

Post-Meeting Attendee Mailing ListSent to all registered attendees (approximately 2,000)

Direct Mail

Website and Mobile Promotions
Product ShowcaseHighlight a product or service with a listing that includes a 400 character description, hyperlinks, photo, video, and lead generation. Organized by product category.$500 per product
Mobile App: Main Screen Half Width Tile Ad1200px x 400px, Rotates$1,000
Mobile App: Main Screen Full Width Tile Ad2000px x 400px, Rotates$2,000
Mobile App: Banner Ad on “People” Page1080px x 152px, Rotates$500
Virtual Events/Enhancements
Booth Banner & URLTop banner on your virtual booth which provides additional visual impact$400
Exhibitor Giveaway ButtonLink to a third party site to collect contact information/generate leads in exchange for a random drawing (provided by exhibitor)

Generate market research on attendees in exchange for a random drawing or reward (provided by exhibitor)

Product Demos15-minute pre-recorded product demonstration$1,500 each
SLEEP Walking

SLEEP Walking Attendee Leaderboard

Encourages audience engagement. Utilizing the QR code posted on exhibitor and sponsor pages, attendees will scan the QR code to then be asked a question. Those attendees who answer questions correctly compete with other attendees for prizes. During the course of the meeting, attendees with the top scores in the scavenger hunt will be posted on a leaderboard on the meeting website. Winners will be announced on Sunday. Attendees who select your QR code will be provided to you for lead generation.$900
Industry Supported EventPre-recorded 45-minute event to promote your product or service to attendees on demand.$5,000
Podcast StudioExhibitors have an option to include a 30-minute MP3 audio recording.  A disclaimer about the APSS not endorsing the dialogue or content of the podcast will be included. The podcast can be branded and will have a 300 character description by their title or name. Up to 3 podcasts are allowed per company.$2,500

Sponsorship offerings are subject to change.

File type supported: .jpg or .png

Sponsor Due Dates

Exhibitor Booth PlacementUpon application
Attendee Meeting Guide Ads7/31/2020
Mobile App Push Notification (Exclusive to Platinum Sponsors)8/1/2020
Pre-Meeting Attendee Direct Mail List8/3/2020
Mobile App Ads8/17/2020
Website Ads8/17/2020
Company Profile8/17/2020
Company Logo Uploaded8/17/2020
Poster Hall Ad (Exclusive to Platinum Sponsors)8/17/2020
SLEEP Walking8/17/2020
Custom Pre-Meeting Email to Attendees (Exclusive to Gold & Platinum 8/14/2020
Deadline to cancel Virtual SLEEP participation (20% admin fee will apply). After this date no refunds will be given8/14/2020
Pre-Meeting Email Blast (Banner Ad)8/14/2020
Post-Meeting Email Blast (Banner Ad)8/14/2020
Product Showcase8/17/2020
Product Demo8/17/2020
Plenary Greeting8/17/2020
Livestream Break Ads8/17/2020
Industry Supported Event8/21/2020
Podcast Studio8/21/2020
Post-Meeting Attendee Direct Mail List9/25/2020