Meet the Professors of SLEEP

Add a Meet the Professor session to your SLEEP 2020 registration and enjoy a meal while you converse with leaders in the field. These sessions are offered Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and sell out every year. Be sure to reserve your spot now.

Here are all of the Meet the Professor sessions at SLEEP 2020:

Monday, June 15
• M-01: Wearables: Ready for Prime Time?
• M-02: Circadian Medicine: A Practical Approach to the Diagnosis and Management of Circadian Rhythm Sleep-Wake Disorders
• M-03: Sleep Medicine, Sexomnia, and the Sleep-Walking Defense
• M-04: Challenging Cases in Pediatric Sleep Medicine
• M-05: School Start Time: Pros and Cons

Tuesday, June 16
• M-06: Artificial Intelligence: Miles to Go Before We Sleep
• M-07: The Response to Sleep Loss and Arousal
• M-08: Can Precision and Personalized Population Health Address Sleep Health Disparities: Perspectives for the Clinician, Payer, Policy-Maker, and Scientist
• M-09: Evaluation and Long-Term Management of RLS
• M-10: Hypersomnolence

Wednesday, June 17
• M-11: Sleep and Traumatic Brain Injury
• M-12: Stimulating the Sleeping Brain to Enhance Memory
• M-13: Sleep in Women Across the Lifespan
• M-14: Telehealth in Sleep Medicine
• M-15: From Mice to Men: Is Sleep Loss Neural Injury Translatable?

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