Industry Product Theater

Exhibiting at SLEEP 2019 is required in order to host an Industry Product Theater. NEW THIS YEAR: Provide information regarding your products or services to up to 200 attendees during a special one-hour presentation at SLEEP 2019. Applications for Industry Product Theaters must be submitted to the APSS Meeting Department by March 13, 2019 (submit your application by February 7, 2019 to maximize your SLEEP 2019 priority points). Applications will be accepted after this date if the SLEEP 2019 meeting can support additional sessions based on submissions that have already been received and accepted.

Questions may be directed to Annette Delagrange, National Sales Manager, via email at [email protected] or via phone at (630) 737-9732.

Download the Application

Available Dates and Times

Monday, June 10
12:40PM – 1:40PM

Tuesday, June 11
12:40PM – 1:40PM

Wednesday, June 12
12:40PM – 1:40PM

Sponsorship Fee

The sponsorship fee includes:

  • Boxed lunches with beverages for 200 attendees
  • One product theater set classroom-style for 200
  • A standard audiovisual package
  • A podium and one (1) six-foot
  • Skirted table at the back of the room for promotional materials or food and beverage
  • One complimentary rental of the pre-registration mailing list
  • One 1/3 page ad in the SLEEP 2019 Final Program (placement is at the discretion of the APSS)
  • Inclusion in one SLEEP 2019 Pre-Meeting E-Blast that goes out to all pre-registered attendees (email is distributed by the APSS and content is at the discretion of the APSS)
  • A listing in the SLEEP 2019 Mobile App

The sponsorship fee is due with submission of the application.


Monday & Tuesday




Presentations may not begin earlier than the times indicated above; registration may not begin before 12:00PM.

Industry Product Theater applications are reviewed and accepted by the APSS management on a first-come, first-served basis. The availability of Industry Product Theaters is limited; sponsors are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible. The APSS does not guarantee that the Industry Product Theaters will be unopposed. The APSS reserves the sole right to accept or reject any application, as well as to schedule the Industry Product Theaters. Notification of acceptance and assigned date/time will be provided in writing within 14 business days from the receipt of the application.

Notice of cancellation must be submitted in writing. The cancellation of an Industry Product Theater that has been accepted is entitled to a refund equal to 30% of the total sponsorship fee provided notice is received prior to March 20, 2019. Cancellations after March 20, 2019 are not entitled to a refund.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit is not provided by the APSS or the American Academy of Sleep Medicine for Industry Product Theaters. Companies may not offer CME for their presentations.

Boxed lunches will be provided for 200 attendees.

A standard audiovisual package will be included in the Industry Product Theater fee. All materials will be set-up by the SLEEP AV Company and include: screen, LCD projector, podium microphone, aisle microphone, and table microphone. Any additional audiovisual equipment is the responsibility of the sponsor. Any additional audiovisual equipment or labor must be ordered from the SLEEP 2019 audiovisual provider.

The APSS allows ONE sign measuring no larger than 24” W x 36”H to be placed in the registration area at the Henry B. González Convention Center up to one day prior to the scheduled Industry Product Theater, as well as ONE sign measuring no larger than 24”W x 36”H to be placed outside of the Industry Product Theater on the day of the scheduled Industry Product Theater. Organizers of an Industry Product Theater may provide additional signage in their exhibit booth. Signage may not be placed in any other locations. All signage must receive APSS approval prior to print. Flyers or handouts are prohibited unless prior approval is obtained.

Industry Product Theater organizers have the following opportunities to advertise an event: hotel door drops, mailing list rental of SLEEP 2019 meeting attendees, mailing list rental of AASM/SRS membership lists and advertising in the SLEEP 2019 Final Program, Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine and journal SLEEP. The APSS requires that any and all promotion of Industry Product Theaters receive APSS approval. Promotional materials include but are not limited to: invitations, announcements, solicitations, advertisements and signage. Contact the APSS Meeting Department or visit the SLEEP 2019 website at for additional information on promotional opportunities.

The APSS and SLEEP 2019 name, logo, acronym and any reference to the meeting are proprietary and may not be used in signs, advertisements or promotions without consent and approval by the APSS. This guideline applies before, during, and after the SLEEP 2019 meeting.