Meeting History

The first SLEEP meeting was held in Columbus, Ohio from June 15-21, 1986. Since its inception over 33 years ago, SLEEP has been attended by nearly 100,000 sleep medicine professionals and has become the world’s premier forum on sleep medicine, and sleep and circadian research. Over the years, more than 15 U.S. cities have been home to SLEEP, spanning from the coast of California to the bay of Massachusetts; from northern Washington state to southern Florida. Attendees travel from locations around the globe, including Australia, Brazil, Hungary, Israel, Nigeria, Thailand, and more. Each year, the APSS is proud to bring together such a diverse and dedicated group of attendees, speakers, and exhibitors to contribute to the advancement of sleep medicine.


Most Recent Event

Virtual SLEEP 2020

In a few short months, the Associated Professional Sleep Societies shifted SLEEP 2020 from a large, in-person gathering to an online conference with more than 3,000 attendees. Virtual SLEEP 2020 featured more than 300 presentations on basic and translational sleep and circadian science, clinical sleep medicine and practice, and sleep technology. The audience included professionals from 45 countries, many willing to disregard their circadian cues for a few days to attend Virtual SLEEP. 

While a virtual meeting can make it challenging to feel connected, the APSS harnessed the power of video to include more than 50 AASM and SRS members in the plenary session and special Blues Night event. Platform features like discussions and Q&As allowed attendees to chat with each other from afar, and many participants engaged on social media as well.

More than 700 attended the opening plenary session, recognizing AASM and SRS 2020 award recipients, honoring colleagues who passed away in the last year, marking the 50th anniversary of the Stanford Sleep Clinic, and enjoying the lecture of SLEEP 2020’s keynote speaker, Dr. David Holtzman. Dr. Holtzman’s research into the relationship between sleep and Alzheimer’s disease was a path he didn’t expect to take, and he encouraged sleep scientists and researchers to be open-minded and follow the data.

The APSS was pleased to organize a special Blues Night, honoring Dr. Bill Dement, who passed away in June. A founder of both the AASM and SRS, Dr. Dement was a jazz musician and often participated in blues events at the annual SLEEP meetings. The virtual SLEEP Blues Night Tribute included many memories of Dr. Dement from family, friends, and colleagues, a showing of his appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1974, and performances from the Chicago Blues All-Stars.

Virtual SLEEP 2020 will live on until next year. If you registered for the meeting, you can access the session recordings from the meeting platform. Access runs until Aug. 1, 2021.

Past Research Topics

The APSS archives research abstract supplements previously published in the journal SLEEP. See how the field has changed over nearly two decades of advances in research and knowledge by reviewing this comprehensive record of information. Stay up-to-date on trends by reading about cutting-edge topics published as recently as 2018, or view archives dating back to 2000.

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