Sold Out Sessions

Postgraduate Courses

C02: Trends in Sleep Medicine - SOLD OUT
C04: Cases That Keep You Up At Night: Challenging Cases for the Sleep Specialist - SOLD OUT

C07: Circadian Biology and Disease from Bench to Patient: Implications for Therapeutic Strategies in Clinical Care - SOLD OUT

C08: 2018 State of the Art for Clinical Practitioners - SOLD OUT

C09: Sleep Medicine Board Review member/other - SOLD OUT

C10: Behavioral Sleep Medicine Innovations: What is Hot Now and What May Be on the Horizon? - SOLD OUT

C11: PedNeuroSleep 2018: Tailored Sleep Medicine for Children with Neurodevelopmental, Neuromuscular and Neurologic Disorders - SOLD OUT

C13: Advances in Treatment of RLS: Expanding Drug and Iron Choices and Practical Approaches for RLS in Alzheimer's and Other Patients with Dementia - SOLD OUT

C14: Sleep Disorders in Military Personnel and Veterans: How these Populations are Shaping the Field of Sleep Medicine - SOLD OUT

Meet the Professors

M01: Implementing CBTI in Clinical Settings: Lessons Learned and Ways Forward - Rachel Manber, PhD - SOLD OUT
M02: Upper Airway Stimulation for OSA
- Patrick Strollo, MD - SOLD OUT
M03: Sleep and Circadian Health -
Kenneth Wright, PhD - SOLD OUT
M04: Circuit Mechanisms Mediating Arousal -
Patrick Fuller, PhD - SOLD OUT
M05: Sleep, Recovery and Human Performance in Elite Athletes: Case Presentations -
Charles Samuels, MD - SOLD OUT
M06: Legs, Hearts and Brains: Do RLS and PLMS Increase the Risk of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease and Mortality?
- John Winkleman, MD, PhD - SOLD OUT
M07: Pharmacologic Treatment of Insomnia in Children -
Andrew Krystal, MD - SOLD OUT
M08: Wreck-a-Mendations: Addressing Sleep Apnea in Commercial Drivers -
Indira Gurubhagavatula, MD - SOLD OUT

M09: REM Sleep in Health and Disease -
John Peever, PhD - SOLD OUT
M10: Neural Circuits Controlling Sleep and Feeding Behaviors -
Christian Burgess, PhD - SOLD OUT
M11: Pediatric OSA After Adenotonsillectomy: Now What?
- Carol Rosen, MD - SOLD OUT

M13: Sleeps Influence on Learning and Memory -
Sara Aton, PhD - SOLD OUT

M14: Emerging Therapies and Best Management for Patients with Narcolepsy or Hypersomnia -
Yves Dauvilliers, MD, PhD - SOLD OUT

M15: Managing Sleep Disorders During the Opioid Crisis -
Charlene Gamaldo, MD - SOLD OUT

Lunch Debates

L01: The Effect of CPAP is Real - Differing Perspectives - Shahrokh Javaheri, MD and Virend Somers, MD - SOLD OUT

L02: Is REM sleep more important than NREM sleep? -
Robert Stickgold, PhD and Gina Poe, PhD - SOLD OUT