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Session Submission Process

All session proposals must be submitted online via and require the information specified below. The information provided within the proposal will be used to highlight accepted sessions in the preliminary and final programs. The online submission site provides additional directions and prompts submitters to enter the required information.

  1. Session Title*
    The APSS reserves the right to edit the session title in its effort to market the session to attendees. Notifications of title changes will be included in the acceptance letter.
  2. Target Audience
    Provide a description of the audience for which the presentation is intended.
  3. Brief Overview of Session
    Provide a 2-3 sentence overview of the session to be used for marketing to attendees.
  4. Track
    • Clinical Sleep Science and Practice
      • This category focuses on clinical practice, policy, populations or research with an immediate clinical or direct clinical application.
    • Basic and Translational Sleep Science
      • This category includes basic research on the fundamental aspects of sleep and circadian rhythms from animal models to humans as well as translational research on fundamental mechanisms to understand disease and discover treatments.
  1. Learning Objectives
    Provide 2-3 measurable learning objectives for the session. Complete the phrase, “Upon completion of this session, attendees will be able to…”
  2. Content
    Within a 500-word limit, describe the educational content of the session. The description will be used for evaluation purposes and should explain the background, purpose and significance of the proposed topic. All sessions except Discussion Groups should include a detailed agenda of the session.
  3. Need
    Explain how the session will contribute positively to SLEEP 2018 and why this format is the best venue for the presentation.
  4. Audiovisual Request
    The standard audiovisual equipment that is provided for each session is as follows: LCD projector, laser pointer and microphones.

    Special requests will not be granted. The use of personal laptops is prohibited. Internet connections are not provided in session rooms; requests for internet in session rooms will not be approved. Polling is only available for Discussion Groups; requests for polling in other sessions will not be approved.
  5. Participants/Speakers
    Below is the information that must be provided for each session participant.
    1. First Name / Last Name
    2. Professional Degree
    3. Affiliation(s)
    4. Contact information including address, phone number, fax number, and email address (email is REQUIRED for every speaker)
    5. Membership Status (AASM, SRS, Dual AASM/SRS member or nonmember)
    6. If nonmember, indicate the approximate amount of reimbursement that will be requested by the speaker if eligible.
    7. Presentation Title (The title MUST be included at the time of submission). Presentation titles are not applicable to Discussion Group proposals.
    8. Disclosure of conflicts of interest and submission of CV is required by March 1, 2018.
The contact author is able to submit all required information (with the exception of item number 8 above) on behalf of the speakers.