Keynote Speakers

Eve Van Cauter, PhD

Keynote Address: The Cross-Talk Between Sleep and Circadian Clocks: Mechanisms and Health Implications

Enjoy this keynote lecture that is sure to be a highlight of SLEEP 2018. As one of the premier researchers in sleep and circadian research, we are sure this session will engage all levels of sleep professionals.

Dr. Eve Van Cauter is a professor at the University of Chicago and internationally known for her research in circadian rhythms on endocrine system in normal and pathological conditions. She is an expert in the mathematical and statistical analysis of the temporal patterns of hormonal secretion and the effects of sleep on endocrine function.

pack_headshot-smallAllan Pack, MBChB, PhD

Thomas Roth Lecture of Excellence: Towards A Personalized Approach to Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Dr. Pack’s current main area of focus is on functional genomic approaches to sleep and its disorders. He uses both Drosophila and mouse models in his work and translates findings to humans. A major component of his research relates to the pathogenesis and consequences of the common disorder, obstructive sleep apnea, and to the effects of sleep loss.