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Abstract Guidelines

Abstracts will be accepted for presentations in an oral presentation format and/or poster presentation format.

Oral presentations will be scheduled beginning at 1:00pm on Sunday, June 3 through Wednesday, June 6 and involve a 10-minute presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions. The Program Committee reserves the right to assign abstracts that are not selected for an oral presentation to a poster presentation. All submissions that wish to be considered for oral presentation will be given the option to also be considered for a poster presentation (see Both Oral and Poster Presentation below).

Poster presentations involve display of a poster for one day on Sunday, June 3, Monday, June 4, or Tuesday, June 5. The presenting author of the poster abstract will be assigned a time slot during which he/she is expected to be physically present at the poster display to answer questions. Selection of a poster presentation at the time of submission indicates that you are only interested in presenting your work in this format. The Program Committee will not designate any abstract submitted for poster presentation as an oral presentation.

Both Oral and Poster Presentation provides authors the opportunity to present both an oral presentation and poster presentation, based on the times and qualifications listed above. By selecting “Both Oral and Poster Presentation,” the author agrees to give both an oral presentation and a poster presentation of the same work. To be considered for an oral presentation or a poster presentation but NOT both, select the appropriate category as described above.

Abstract presentations are scheduled at the sole discretion of the APSS Program Committee. Submission of an abstract constitutes the commitment of at least one author to present the abstract as accepted, regardless of presentation type or day/time assigned.

Expenses associated with the preparation, submission and presentation of an abstract are the responsibility of the author/presenter. Abstract presenters must register for the meeting. Instructions for registering for the meeting will be included with the notice of acceptance.

To submit an abstract of investigative work, carefully review all abstract submission information noted within this document.


Authors are required to write an original abstract that fulfills accepted criteria for copyright purposes. Accepted abstracts will be published and copyrighted in a special issue of SLEEP. By submitting an abstract, all authors attest that the abstract submitted has not been previously published elsewhere and transfers, assigns, or otherwise conveys all copyright ownership, including any and all rights incidental thereto, exclusively to the Sleep Research Society as publisher of SLEEP.

If an author chooses to submit information from an abstract that has previously been presented and/or published, all data must be updated, current, and rewritten in a manner that does not infringe on copyright laws. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to include any copyrighted material in their abstract presentations. All authors will be required to agree to a copyright assignment statement when submitting an abstract.

The Program Committee will give priority to research that has not been presented elsewhere or published prior to SLEEP 2018.